Small-Group Clinics

Middle School Writing

Middle school writers benefit from learning how to write clearly and correctly. This clinic begins with sentence combining instruction, an evidence-based writing approach that is rarely provided in schools. Students build on that knowledge throughout the week, gaining techniques for improving the clarity and cohesion in their writing. They will begin the school year with a toolbox of strategies they can apply to any writing task. Rising fifth graders through rising eighth graders are welcome in this clinic.

Literary Analysis 

Close reading and literary analysis are highly valuable skills for high school and beyond. Students will learn how to analyze complex texts deeply and convey their analyses effectively in persuasive writing. This intense focus on analyzing language provides a boost or a foundation for future humanities courses. Rising eighth graders through rising seniors are welcome in this clinic. 


Creative Writing Workshop

In this clinic, students in grades seven through twelve will practice writing short stories and creative nonfiction. In so doing, they will further develop their attention to the nuances of language and learn techniques for revising their own work. Not only are these skills and habits of mind beneficial in themselves, but they are also transferable to writing in other genres. Students will read renowned writers as well as essays on writing in addition to sharing their own writing. 


Collaborative Book Club

This innovative clinic structure—one individual session, followed by three group sessions—provides an opportunity for students to read a challenging book that they might not otherwise read without guidance. At the first individual meeting, students will select a book and create a reading schedule; in the following three sessions, the group of students will learn strategies for annotating, close reading, and writing in response to literature. Rising fifth graders through rising eleventh graders are welcome.



Clinic Logistics