Annie enjoys sharing her expertise in writing instruction, reading instruction, learning disabilities, and student-centered learning. She has led professional development for middle and high school teachers and trained college faculty in these areas. 

Annie develops highly interactive and engaging training sessions to meet the specific needs of instructors so that they are better equipped to support their students. 

Contact Annie for rates and availability. 


"The faculty who participated in the two training sessions came away excited about what they’d learned and energized about working with this student population.  My colleagues told me in detail about the important content that Annie shared with them, but they spoke just as positively about her skills as a teacher."

"Throughout the discussions, Annie did a great job modeling different kinds of presentation strategies that will keep any class engaged and are particularly effective with students who have short attention spans. She used small group activities, whole class exercises, colorful slides, and lots of checklists, polls, and charts to demonstrate subtle but effective ways of keeping the students constantly involved and focused. She also allowed sufficient time for questions. The time flew by." 

"It was awesome learning from you! The meta way you ran the training helped me remember lots of the great ideas you offered."