Welcome to The Writing Room


Writing restructures thinking.

With over a decade of experience supporting students with their writing, I've become convinced that, as Walter Ong wrote, writing does, indeed, restructure thinking. When we write, and rewrite, and rewrite again, our thinking expands in ways we couldn't initially envision. Writing is a process of exploration, one that allows for the development and, later, the refinement of our ideas. As students become better writers, they become more effective communicators, more precise thinkers, and more adept readers. 

I can help. 

I support middle and high school students with their writing by providing individualized lessons tailored to each student's unique needs and interests. I provide clear feedback, explicit instruction, and supportive guidance during all phases of the writing process.

Writing constitutes an essential part of learning and thinking, yet it is often overlooked amid the often overwhelming demands of daily schoolwork, test preparation, and extracurricular activities. More so than other subjects or skills, writing is difficult to teach to whole groups of students because it is, essentially, a highly personal and recursive thinking process. Therefore, it is individual instruction in organizing, planning, drafting, and reflecting that accelerates student growth in academic writing. 

From students who would like enrichment or crave additional challenge, to those who need a boost in confidence or concrete strategies to make writing less stressful, I can help!  I teach techniques and processes that propel students to more success, either in conjunction with existing school work and curricula or as a series of customized lessons. 

Contact me! 

Contact me (Annie Karabell) for more information about individual sessions or upcoming clinics.  I currently travel to schools, homes, and libraries in DC, Arlington, McLean, Alexandria, and Bethesda; for those outside of that area, or those unable to meet at the office in McLean, I offer sessions online.